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Here at Nichols Plumbing we take customer satisfaction and a quality job well done seriously. We value the input of every single one of our customers. If you’ve had us out to you home or business we would welcome any feedback you may have.

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 by Maureen L.
Fixed Broken Pipe Problem

Bob had to locate the pipe where the the break was, then take off the outside end off my porch, since the break was under the porch. Next he crawled down into the very cramped and musty crawl space to determine what was going on down there. It turned out he was able to cut the end of the broken pipe, drain the residual water, cap the ends, and install a shut off to the outside faucets. Less than an hour [to finish].

 by Tim T.
Replaced leaking water heater, fixed kitchen faucet

Since Bob Nichols had done plumbing work for me before, he was the only plumber I called when my 25 year old water heater started to leak. I did not check on pricing with any other plumber. Bob was timely, clean and the new water heater is working well.

 by Kirk D.
Water heaters, drain clogs, and toilets

He has replaced a couple of water heaters for me. He has also unclogged drains, fixed toilets, and ran pipes. I have used them several times. He charges fair prices and does a good job. Robert, the owner, is very responsive. He also guarantees his work. He is the best plumber I have ever come across.

He replaced a gas water heater in a rental house that had failed.

This is the third time Mr. Nichols has worked for me and he is the best plumber ever. I hope he gets an apprentice because his skill set is a rarity of professionalism. My tenants called me on Friday evening to tell me that the water heater was leaking all over the basement floor. I called Bob shortly thereafter and he came on Saturday to install a new water heater. In the past he has replaced faucets for me, hooked up ice-makers. plumbed my kitchen sink and fixed a problem in my shower that two other plumbers said I would have to do all new piping. He was also the only one of three that could find the water shut off out by the street. A very professional and practical man who takes pride in his work. These people are hard to find!

 by Ryan K.
Many plumbing projects!

He did a lot for me. Before Bob came out I had no garbage disposal, no dishwasher, and no water line to my fridge. He Installed a water line for my refrigerator. Installed garbage disposal and dishwasher and ran the plumbing for each. He moved my washer and dryer to the other side of my utility room, and he installed a new washtub sink in my utility room. He also saved me by installing a new shower drain and fixing a leak that would have turned my crawl space into a swimming pool if it had gone unnoticed. Bob was professional, nice, and did great work. He so knowledgeable, I learned a lot just from hearing his ideas and his bid and from watching him do some of the work. My house is a 1965 ranch style home. I just bought it from the original owner who never updated anything... So that's why I wanted to make sure I picked the best plumber in the area. Bob came out with lower bids than other plumbers, his ratings on Angie's list are stellar, and he by far was more knowledgeable then the other plumbers I talked to. I highly recommend Bob! I will use him for any and all future plumbing projects. In fact, he will be installing a new shower in my basement in coming months. I trust his work, and I trust what he says. he really knows what he's talking about. Thanks Bob!

 by David D.
Trouble shot a leak from a shower.

I found Nichols Plumbing on Angies List, and called regarding a leak we had originating from an upstairs shower. I spoke with Bob Nichols on the phone, and he rearranged his schedule to come right out, which was appreciated. Bob arrived with his assistant, and went to work assessing the situation. He proceeded to rule out all possible aspects of the shower (drain, water pipe, exterior leak etc.), and concluded that the water was entering at one of two points of the shower valve (a family member had moved the shower head which directed the water onto the valve). Bob examined the valve collar and could not see any caulking, and caulked the collar. We now have the issue resolved. Bob did clean out our drain while here, as well as offered some great advice for a hairline crack we have in the floor of the shower - which repairs the crack as opposed to replacing the shower stall. Great service - and I would definitely hire Nichols Plumbing again.

 by Larry S.
Fixed water pipe leak

Bob had to determine which pipe leaked as there were two (one above the other) both of which were covered by the subfloor insulation. After finding the leak he replaced about two feet of pipe.

 by Betty K.
installed a new water heater, installed a faucet in our kitchen sink and repaired a garbage disposal.

We have used them a few times and have done very good work. Their pricing is very reasonable and the work is done very quickly. When Robert tried to drain the water heater, it was rusted and water flowed out. He and his assistant cleaned up well and are always very tidy. When it came to purchasing the water heater and faucet, he gave us some options and we chose what works best for us. When the old water heater was removed, he helped me load it on my truck. We have had no issues with their work and He stands by his work. He is very friendly and not intimidating. He will also educate you while doing the work.

 by Louise H.
Replaced a water heater, cleared a blockage in the pipes leading to the kitchen sink and adjusted the water temperature.

Bob was on time, professional but friendly. He answered all my question explained/showed me what he was doing, gave me estimates for several options, and cleaned up after himself. I would recommend him to anyone who needs plumbing work done.

 by Gary G.
Bob repaired a very complex leak in a shower drain

An upstairs shower was slowly leaking into the daylight basement. Before seeking a plumber, I had opened the basement ceiling to assess the situation, hoping it was a DIY repair. It wasn't! Parts had been misaligned (then hidden by drywall) when they were joined in the 70s. Bob arrived, described the what-and-why of steps to repair, and quoted a price. Then he removed the old drain fitting, the P-trap, and interconnecting ABS pipe. Removing the old hardware from the fiberglass shower was tedious and required great attention to detail to avoid damaging the stall, and because copper supply pipes were very close by.

As one very familiar with a large variety of tools, and having considerable DIY experience, when I first saw the root cause of the problem I'd envisioned what a high quality, ideal repair, might look like. Such work was well beyond my skills. What Bob accomplished surpassed my vision of a really great repair. His refusal to take shortcuts, and his commitment to follow sound plumbing practices yielded one very well executed repair, a clean work site, and a happy customer.

Bob earned my respect and charged an entirely reasonable price. I'll gladly call him again if necessary.

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