Trenchless Main Water Line Replacement

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Trenchless Main Water Line – Repair & Replacement

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What is a main water line?

The main water line is the pipe that directly accesses city water to feed all the other various water lines and water pipes throughout a building or home. This main pipe is often referred to as a water main, or a main water line. Without this main line, a home or building would not have access to water.

What main water line services do you provide?

Nichols Plumbing happily provides leak detection, maintenance, repairs and replacement services. We proudly offer a 5 year unconditional warranty on all main water line replacements, in addition we offer  10 year warranty on labor, and a 25 year warranty on materials.

How will I know if my main water line is in need of servicing, repairs or replacement?

If you begin to notice decreased water flow, backup of water in your yard, or significantly increased water bills you may be in need of repairs or replacement. If you are in fact experiencing any of these signs or if you feel that there is an issue with your main water line, we encourage you to contact us immediately. Failure to quickly address issues with your main water line can result in pricey repairs and extensive water damage to your property.

When is it time to replace your main water line?

The average lifespan of a main water line depends on several factors including: the type of material the pipe is made out of, as well as the pipe’s structural condition including: water, air, ground temperature fluctuations and soil conditions.  Nichols Plumbing uses main water line material that is unconditionally guaranteed for at least 25 years.

What are common main water line problems?

Water lines can break for many different reasons. Common breakage occurs because of exposure to the elements, and deterioration due to age over time. Over many years, your main water line can become rusty which can result in loose pipe connections that begin to leak.