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Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Instant Hot Water Pumps

Do you ever wonder how you can contribute to water conservation efforts? Would you like to benefit from significant water bill savings? Are you tired of waiting for hot water to heat up to take a shower or wash your face? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Nichols Plumbing has the solution for you. We now proudly offer hot water recirculation pump sales and installation services ideal for anyone who would like to save money and conserve water, with the added convenience of no longer waiting for hot water.

Where are hot water recirculation pumps installed? What do hot water recirculation pumps do?

A hot water recirculation pump is installed either on the farthest water fixture from your water heater, or directly on the water heater depending on the system. Commonly, people run cold water anywhere from one minute to several minutes waiting for it to heat up for use resulting in significant water waste. This pump keeps heated water in your water pipes, meaning you no longer need to waste cold water waiting for it to heat up to the desired temperature.

How do hot water recirculation pump systems save water and energy?

Hot water recirculation pumps have greatly benefitted from significant advances in technology over the last several years. The hot water recirculation pumps we offer are state of the art and come equipped with the following features and benefits resulting in maximum water and energy savings. These features and benefits include:

  • Energy Efficient: These systems only use as much energy as a 25 watt light bulb
  • Utility Rebate: In some areas, utility companies may offer a rebate when you install a hot water recirculating pump due to the extreme water savings.
  • Timer: There is a timer on the pump to make the system even more efficient during low-demand periods like night and midday. You decide when the system is on and off.
  • Thermostat & Heat Sensor: Every pump has a thermostat and heat sensor attached, so once the water hits the ideal temperature, the pump stops heating the water. With this feature you are also able to designate the ideal water temperature.
  • Water Savings: This pump will on average save 12,000 gallons of water per year resulting in significant water savings and substantially lower water bills.

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