Faucet Repair, Installation and Sales

Serving NE & SE Portland, Clackamas and Happy Valley Oregon OR

Faucets are an important part of any home or business. Typically, each home or business has anywhere from a couple to many faucets. Faucets can be found in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, den, guest room, backyard and many other places as well. Many of us tend to take our faucets for granted, until we begin to have issues with them. When one encounters issues with a faucet, it can be extremely frustrating and troublesome, and this is when you should call Nichols Plumbing. We can have a licensed plumber identify your problem, and fix it fast meaning less stress for you. We are able to assist you with minor faucet repairs as well as replacement services too.

What faucet services does Nichols Plumbing provide?

With much pride we provide sales, inspections, repairs and installation services. We cover all brands for faucet repair, inspection and service. When you purchase a new faucet through us, you will receive a one year warranty on the parts and labor, giving you peace of mind. Some of our valued customers also chose to update the style and function of their faucets and opt to have all the faucets in the home or business replaced; we are happy to provide this replacement service.

What faucet brands does Nichols Plumbing offer for sale and installation?

We only offer the highest quality faucets for purchase through our business. The top quality faucet brands we carry include:

How does the faucet installation process take place?

The process for installation varies depending on the location of your. It is also dependent on the type of faucet you choose to install as well. Nichols Plumbing will make sure that your faucet is installed in the most efficient, and orderly way possible.