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Light Commercial Re-piping – Inspections, Replacements and Installation

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Need to re-pipe the plumbing in your business?

Those in need of re-piping services for a plumbing system, should understand that it is a multi-step process with little room for error. What may seem like a small project, can easily become overwhelming, stressful and expensive. If you believe you are in need of such services, we encourage you to allow the licensed professionals at Nichols Plumbing to spearhead this important project for you. All of our re-piping services come with a 2 year warranty on parts and labor, using only the best quality PEX piping available with brass fittings. The re-piping process occurs as follows:

  1. Nichols Plumbing will first inspect your current piping situation. Rust, corrosion, leaks and compromised connections are tell-tale signs that re-piping is needed for your plumbing. Once initial pipe inspection is complete, you will be provided a quote for the repair or replacement services.
  2. Then Nichols Plumbing will prepare only the highest quality copper or PEX piping with brass fittings for the repiping process.
  3. When re-piping is ready to occur, the main water line will be turned off and old, troublesome piping will be removed.
  4. Once all of the deteriorated piping is removed, the new pipes will be installed.

More Information on plumbing re-pipes

Depending on where the plumbing re-piping is needed, there may be permits or regulations that must be followed. Nichols Plumbing has all the information needed to conduct proper and efficient plumbing re-piping. Additionally, plumbing re-piping can also stir up spiders and other insects living in your walls. The Nichols Plumbing team is not squeamish and is well prepared to deal with any bugs that may appear during the re-piping process.